Benim Medical Centre are proud to announce that we are a member of Liverpool First Collaborative Group. We are Primary Care Network that consist of 8 member practices that have joined together to design, facilitate and provide innovative services to our collaborative practice populations.

As part of Liverpool First Collaborative Group, our vision is to improve services we provide to our population and to improve access. Our first collaborative project is the implementation of the Extended Hours Project. Any patient from any of our member practices (listed below) can book routine appointments to see a practice nurse or HCA outside of normal working hours. On Tuesdays the clinics will be held at Townsend Health Centre, on Wednesdays they will be held at Sheil Park Family Health Centre. Please note these are appointments are pre booked only.

Member Practices

  • Abingdon Family Health Centre
  • Anfield Group practice
  • Benim medical Centre
  • Bigham Health Centre
  • Fairfield Health Centre
  • Stopgate Lane Medical Centre
  • Walton Village Medical Centre
  • Yewtree Medical centre

For more information please ask to speak with the Practice Manager, Joe-Anne Moore who will be happy to help with your query.